Manpower: People are selected and placed in positions that fit their gifts, passions and callings and that align with the church’s objectives and culture

Why Conduct a Church Staff 360 Degree Feedback Survey?

A 360 Degree Feedback Survey is a process in which church staff receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the staff and volunteers they work with. This typically includes the employee’s immediate supervisor, direct reports, fellow paid staff and lay ministry volunteers. As many as twelve to twenty people fill out an anonymous online feedback survey that asks questions covering a broad... Continue Reading

How Do You Justify a New Staff Position?

How can you make the argument that adding more people to your church staff is worth the expense? What are the best tactics to take to convince “The Powers That Be” to hire additional staff? It’s not enough to simply say work’s not getting done or your ministry isn’t growing as quickly as it could. It’s not enough to talk... Continue Reading

Leadership Versus Management: What is the Difference?

“Lead People, Manage Projects” There are a myriad of books, articles, and blogs on leadership and management, all looking to clarify the differences, often in variety of ways. Famed leadership and management guru, Peter Drucker, claims that “Leadership is doing the right things; Management is doing things right.” Mr. Drucker adds, “The task is to lead people. And the goal... Continue Reading

How Personality Profile Influences the Workplace

“My job would be fun if it weren’t for the people,” is a common complaint in the workplace, even in the church. The truth is that people can bring both great joy and great pain. One key to maximizing the joy and minimizing the pain is understanding what I refer to as “hardwiring.” Electricians are required to have a license,... Continue Reading

How To Know When To Create New Staff Positions

If a heavy workload is causing your church staff to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, it may be time to add new positions. Or, if your church lacks certain core or strategic competencies you may need to bring these additional skills to the staff team. In more than 20 years as an Executive Pastor, I’ve wrestled with the questions of when... Continue Reading

How One Church Supports Their Senior Pastor

In my role as a church consultant and clergy coach I am continually amazed to discover the lack of intentionality in churches of all sizes in providing encouragement, support and accountability for the Senior Pastor. I am convinced that much of the pastor burn out, frustration, terminations, poor performance and dysfunction so prevalent in today’s churches could be mitigated if... Continue Reading

A Four Step Termination Process

Everyone on a church staff needs to know that poor job performance will be confronted using one or more of the Four Substandard Performance Approaches described in Four Solutions to Poor Job Performance, and deserves to know specifically how substandard performance will be addressed. The Restoration/Termination Stair Step provides the Supervisor, Staff and Church Personnel Committee with a guide for implementing the... Continue Reading

Four Solutions to Poor Job Performance

Addressing poor job performance is one of the most challenging issues facing churches today. A church staff member’s job performance may be classified as poor, or substandard, when it falls below the minimum acceptable level of performance – when the employee’s results don’t meet agreed upon expectations and standards. Unfortunately, most churches approach the problem of poor staff performance in one of... Continue Reading

Fundamentals of Church Staff Performance Management

Employee performance management may be defined as a standardized set of processes and systems used to create clear goals and track and coach employee progress efficiently and effectively. The overall goal of the performance management of a church staff is to ensure that the church and all of its employees, departments and ministries are working together synergistically and in optimum... Continue Reading

Ten Steps You Must Follow in Hiring Church Staff

Jim Collins, author of the best seller Good to Great, says “The most important decisions that businesspeople make are not what decisions, but who decisions.” The same can be said for Pastors and Personnel Committees. There are few things that will create more dysfunction in a church than hiring the wrong person. And there are few things that will help... Continue Reading

A Spiritual Depth Interview Guide for Church Personnel Committees

Over the years of countless ministry interviews I was consistently amazed at the number of candidates that expressed this was their first church interview where they were asked questions about their spirituality. And, this experience is continually affirmed as I consult with churches and coach ministers. Why do churches not ask spiritual questions of prospective spiritual leaders? It appears that... Continue Reading

Top 10 Mistakes Made In Hiring Church Staff

Over time I have come to accept that hiring church staff is an inexact science – one that can’t be reduced to a simple system, process or formula. That said, I have learned there are certain systems, processes and practices that do increase the likelihood of a successful hire. And, I have found Sam Walton’s response to the question of... Continue Reading