Mission: Mission, vision, values and distinctives are established and agreed upon

What Are Your Church’s Divine Distinctives?

The word “distinctive” is defined as a characteristic of a person or thing that distinguishes it from all others. Scripture emphasizes that each person as well as each church is distinctively designed and known by God. Healthy churches have learned the importance of putting members in places of service that account for their distinctive divine design. Effective churches also have... Continue Reading

12 Sources For Discovering Church Uniqueness

  My pastor, Dr. Mike Glenn likes to say, “There is a reason Baskin Robbins has 31 different flavors.” His point is that God has purposefully designed each church distinctive and unique from any church that ever has or ever will exist. With that unique design comes a calling and a set of ministry assignments that are distinctive. Just as an... Continue Reading

How to Shape Church Culture Like Jesus Did

  Shaping church culture is one of the most demanding, illusive and yet vital responsibilities of church leaders. A healthy church culture is essential to being the missional, multiplying, discipling, reaching and transforming force that God intended. Having an intentional process for elevating core organizational and biblical values is one proven approach to building a healthy church culture. What Are... Continue Reading