Staff Training: If your team needs development in leading change, facilitating meetings, delegating, planning, prioritizing or personal soul care then consider these customized half, full or multi-day interactive workshops.

The Missing Ingredient

“I wish I had learned this earlier!” is the most frequent comment I hear from ministers who participate in one of Sacred Structures staff training programs.

This comment illustrates the one missing ingredient from most ministers training is that of organizational leadership and management.

Yet just as a minister may be disqualified from ministry because of a lack of spiritual leadership many more frustrate their churches, create dysfunction, are rendered ineffective or lose their jobs because of poor organizational leadership and management skills.

The Problem

The problem with most staff training programs is that they focus on “what to know” rather than “how to know.”

You’ve heard it said “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Sacred Structures staff training focuses on teaching you how to put into place the structures, disciplines, practices and habits that lead to long term personal and organizational health and effectiveness.

The Solution

In customized half, whole or two day staff training sessions, metaphors, diagrams, templates, stories, engagement exercises and church based illustrations are used to provide participants a framework for how the church and its ministries are designed to work both as an organism and an organization.

Training Workshop Options may be customized for executive leadership teams, selected staff and lay leadership teams. Highly targeted workshops for church planters and seminary students are also available.

The Options

Choose from the 12 options below or Sacred Structures will work with you to design a customized subject specific workshop to meet your needs.

Click on an option to learn more and see pricing:

  1. Healthy Change Workshop

  2. Healthy Sabbath When Sunday is a Work Day

  3. Healthy Planning and Prioritization Workshop

  4. Healthy Meetings Workshop

  5. Healthy Personal and Organizational Leadership Workshop

  6. Healthy Staff and Volunteer Selection and Training Workshop

  7. Healthy Teams Workshop

  8. Healthy Church and Staff Culture Workshop

  9. Healthy Staff Supervision Workshop

  10. Healthy Alignment, Measurement and Accountability Workshop

  11. Healthy Church Planting Workshop

  12. Healthy First Church Experience

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