What People Are Saying About Jim

Jim Baker knows churches. He knows leaders in churches and what their needs, hopes, hurts, and aspirations are. I know, because he is the Executive Pastor at my church. I am excited to see the great ways God is using Jim, and I am excited that he is gracious enough to make himself and his many resources available through his Sacred Structures website.

Dr. Thom Rainer
Author, Writer, Founder and CEO of Church Answers

As a former NFL coach, current President/CEO of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a member of Brentwood Baptist Church, I’ve experienced Jim’s impressive giftedness in organizational structure through the seamless and smooth operation of a large church with many missional expressions. Jim Baker’s Sacred Structures offers invaluable resources and wisdom in organizational management and leadership for ministry leaders in churches and ministries both large and small. He is the guy that gets the team on the bus and ready to play.  Take advantage of his “playbook”…it’s a win-win!

Les Steckel
Former NFL Coach and Former President/CEO, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Jim Baker is a godly, servant leader who has skillfully led as an Executive Pastor. Because he understands how to communicate as well as implement effective and scalable systems and structures that provide essential ministry support for the mission of a local church, he is able to provide wise counsel to ministry leaders.

Eric Geiger
Author, Writer, Senior Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine, California

Jim Baker is an exceptional architect of organizations. His ability to create order out of chaos will help you understand what it will take for your church to take the next step toward God-inspired vision. Jim will help you translate your ideas into actionable steps that can then be measured and monitored to ensure your church doesn’t get stuck as you grow.

Ben Stroup
Content Activist, Chief Broker of Opportunity at Ben Stroup Enterprises

It is rare to find someone like my friend and colleague, Jim Baker, who has proven expertise in all the organizational aspects of church ministry [staff development, ministry programming, administration, finances, fund raising, multi-sites, etc.] as well as leading and excelling at the greater work of ministry – shaping all of this for the making of mature disciples of Jesus. Jim is a cutting edge explorer of what it means for churches and their leaders to be missionally transformational while developing best practices organizationally. And on top of all that – he embodies it!

Keith Meyer
President and Founder of Becoming the Change Ministries; Author, Whole Life Transformation and Spiritual Rhythms in Community

Jim Baker’s willingness to share his insights and wisdom with the larger church is an enormous gift. Probably no one I know has a better grasp of what it takes to effectively organize God’s people to accomplish the mission set before us. I am thankful that Sacred Structures will allow many more to benefit from Jim’s experience and expertise.

Bill Wilson
President, Center for Healthy Churches, Winston-Salem, NC

Endorsing Jim Baker and his ministry, Sacred Structures might be the easiest endorsement I have ever made for someone.  I have marveled over the years in working with Jim at his leadership ability, giftedness and passion to communicate and incorporate organizational structure AND at the same time never lose focus on the value of people.  Jim does not speak on personal and organizational management and leadership from theory, but from someone who is an expert in incorporating it into his own ministry.

Jay McSwain
President and Founder - PLACE Ministries, Alpharetta, GA

Coaches and consultants abound but not many rise to the level of skill, passion and gifting as Jim Baker.  He not only sees the big picture but the small things as well.  His ability to carry vision all the way through to implementation and execution is exemplary – something that a vast number of faith-based leaders and organizations desperately need.  Thanks, Jim, for modeling the way!

Dr. Edward Smith
President Williamson Christian College, Franklin, TN

Jim Baker has a passion for the local church and a heart for the men and women who lead it. He knows from the practical experience of leading highly effective staff teams that many ministers are not trained or necessarily gifted in organizational leadership. And, more than most Jim understands the negative impact a lack of organization, structure, processes and systems can have on ministers and their churches. Whether you consider Jim to consult, coach, train or speak you will find his insights, wisdom, humor and practical resources can revolutionize your ministry and your church.

Dr. Jerry Pipes
President of Jerry Pipes Productions

Jim can help train you and your ministries break through growth barriers and reposition your church to be more effective. He is not only an exceptional leader but a gifted communicator and strategist as well. He has a God-given gift of asking unique questions to get to the bottom of issues that may have been previously unknown or unaddressed. He’s the real thing, honest, straightforward and insightful.

Todd Adkins
Director of Leadership at LifeWay Christian Resources

I consider Jim Baker to be a stand out sage in our Executive Pastor Mega Church Best Practices Forum.  Each year I am blessed by a man with a Pastor’s Heart, a Business Man’s Head and a Servant’s Hands. Every time I am with Jim I feel like I have learned from one of the best and most well balanced Executive Pastors in the nation.

Jim is a rare left and right brain thinker that serves excellently from the highest level vision all the way down to the most detail tactic. Jim knows how to create effective control environments that are practical and light, not bureaucratic. Jim works as unto the Lord and is very comfortable in his own skin, not drawing attention to himself or trying to prove who he is.  Two words that personify Jim Baker are, “Humble Servant”.

Brian McDougall
Executive Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church Tampa, FL

For our staff at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Jim has provided valuable training in church and personal organizational leadership principles that are transferable to churches of all sizes. Jim’s passion for developing leaders through their unique giftedness is without precedent and his knowledge of church and organizational management comes from years of service to the church. I would highly recommend Jim and Sacred Structures to any pastor or church seeking assistance with these needed areas.

Kenneth Priest
Director Convention Strategies, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention