Coaching: Are you ready to gain clarity on your "hard wiring" and how to operate in your strengths and avoid your drainers?

Do you want someone in your corner to bring out your best? Are you ready to get serious about reaching your potential as a church leader?

Then consider our flexible options for on-site, Skype or phone mentor coaching around one or more areas of personal and organizational leadership and management.

The Benefits

How do leaders keep getting better? Most of them have mentors with the experience and resources to help them reach their full potential as a leader.

Over time most leaders experience many if not all of the following benefits from a mentor coach relationship.

√ Discovery and maximization of personality and strengths

√ Increased sense of purpose, calling and job satisfaction

√ Focus on priorities and passion

√ New knowledge and new ways of thinking and acting

√ Replacement of fear with confidence

√ Challenge of the status quo

√ Action plans that actually happen

√ Achievement of goals

√ An accountability partner

√ A safe place and sounding board to test your ideas

√ A customized self-development plan

√ Increased impact

√ A more intimate walk with God

The Problem

Growing church complexities, lack of training in organizational leadership and management, an endless morass of administrative chores and fire-fighting, the increasing imbalance between “doing and being,” and information overload are just a few of the factors that contribute to the minister’s sense of being overwhelmed.

This reality suggests that mentor coaching is more of a “must do” than ever before.

The Solution

  • Knowledge has the power to change the way we think.
  • Systems have the power to change the ways we act.
  • Questions have the power to change the way we live.
  • Coaching has the power to change the way we lead.

A tool is defined as ‘anything that amplifies a general human mental, physical or sensory power.’

The goal of my Bible-based mentor coaching is to provide you the tools to amplify your unique organizational leadership and management style, to unearth and understand your hidden potential and apply the greatest gift you have to give…….yourself.

A driving goal of my mentor coaching is to help you become the best organizational church leader and manager you can be.

You can expect mentor coaching that is scripture based, prayer bathed and designed to provide support, skill development, resources, encouragement and accountability as you lead and manage God’s primary means of making Christ followers…….the Church.

Please check-out these endorsements from those ministry leaders and professionals who have used my services and know me well.

The Approach

My approach is Bible-Centered in the sense that examples from Scripture are referenced frequently and that God is a partner in the conversation.

My approach is unique as it involves both mentoring and coaching.

In coaching the expertise lies within you, the person being coached, and the role of the coach is to help you in partnership with the Holy Spirit to discover and maximize your personality, strengths, gifts and potential to accomplish God’s plan and purpose for your life and ministry.

Mentoring is where the expertise lies in the mentor and is transferred to the mentee. Mentoring recognizes that no amount of questioning can create knowledge where none exists and that external experience based sources of expertise are required to fill in your knowledge gaps.

In my experience the twin approach of coaching – facilitating discovery in you – and mentoring – filling in the knowledge that you don’t have – can be a powerful combination to catapult learning and synergistic change.

The Options

I believe you will find our mentor coaching options are unique. I strive to design a relationship that will fit your budget, ministry demands and schedule.

Price breaks are available for church planters and those with less than three years of ministry experience.

As an added benefit, mentor coaching clients are eligible for private soul care retreat, sabbatical and vacation days at our enchanting high desert Casita next to our home in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains of Northern New Mexico, 35 miles north of historic Santa Fe.

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While on site, Spiritual Direction with my wife, Lisa, is available for an additional fee. You may find out more about Lisa’s spiritual direction at

Another unique aspect of my mentor coaching is the variety of packages built around The Ten Sacred Structures of Healthy Ministers and Churches that are offered on a flat fee “outcomes” based approach.

Meaning, for the stated fee we will take as much time as is required to accomplish to your satisfaction the agreed upon outcomes of each mentor coaching option.

In addition, 30 days of complimentary email follow up is included with each of the following options.

Click on an option to see more details and pricing:

  1. Mentor Coaching Around Church Organizational Problems, Issues, Decisions, and Opportunities

  2. Sacred Structures Every Executive Pastor Must Master

  3. Sacred Structures for Pastors Who Don’t Have an Executive Pastor

  4. The One Indispensable Sacred Structure: MISSION

  5. The Three Core Sacred Structures: MISSION, MIGHT, MOVEMENT

  6. The Five Essential Sacred Structures: MISSION, MIGHT, MOVEMENT, MANPOWER, MAXIMIZE



  9. A La Carte

  10. Pastor and Executive Pastor Coaching Cohorts

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