What To Do When You Are In Over Your Head

In our last post, How To Tell When You Are In Over Your Head, we looked at 8 signs that you might be in over your head in a job or responsibility. In this article we will look at what to do if you find yourself in this predicament. Here are 7 practical tips for you to consider. 7 Tips... Continue Reading

How To Tell When You Are in Over Your Head

Chances are that at some point in your career you will be in a job or assume a responsibility in which you find yourself in over your head. I know, it happened to me in my very first job. I was barely 16, had recently gotten my driver’s license and was hired for the summer to park cars in a... Continue Reading

20 Bad Boss Attributes And How To Avoid Them Part II

In last week’s post we continued our discussion on bad bosses by listing 10 qualities effective leaders, managers and supervisors of people try to avoid, and suggestions on what you can do if you discover this is one of your tendencies. In this article we look at the remaining 10. 10 More Attributes Good Bosses Strive to Avoid Though not... Continue Reading

20 Bad Boss Attributes And How To Avoid Them

This is our third article in a series on bad bosses. Why so many articles on bad supervision? Because Gallup workplace surveys show that as many as 70% of employees feel that they are poorly supervised. And my guess is that this percentage is higher in churches and non-profits, primarily because supervisors receive little or no training in how to... Continue Reading

Steps You Can Take If You Discover You Are A Bad Boss

In our last article, Signs That You May Be A Bad Boss, we examined 12 indicators that you may be an ineffective supervisor. In this article we take a look at some steps you can take if you do discover that you are a bad boss. 6 Ways To Improve Your Supervisory Skills Inexperience causes many new or young bosses... Continue Reading

12 Signs That You May Be A Bad Boss

Nobody wants to believe that they are the problem. That’s why it is so difficult for bad bosses to admit that they really are a bad boss. It is though, a common problem, and that’s bad for businesses, for organizations, and yes, for churches. That’s why, if you supervise or are responsible for people, a little introspection now and then... Continue Reading

Solutions To The Peter Principle Problem

In our last article, “What Is The Peter Principle?” we looked at the definition, causes and examples of The Peter Principle. Luckily, there are ways to prevent employees from falling into the Peter Principle trap. In this article we will look at steps an organization can take to minimize the likelihood of the Peter Principle occurring. But first, let’s make... Continue Reading

What Is The Peter Principle?

The term “Peter Principle” was coined by Dr. Lawrence Peter, in the book by the same title. The idea of the Peter Principle is that in any hierarchal organization, with various levels of authority and responsibility, people tend to get promoted until they reach a position which they cannot perform successfully. If an individual works for an organization with top-down... Continue Reading

How To Increase Your Network

In our last article, “Why Your Network Is Your Networth” we showed why knowing how to network strategically is an incredibly powerful career and relational tool. In this article we will share some proven ways to improve your networking skills. I am a true believer of how when we let go and let God then the right people “happen to... Continue Reading

Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth

In most coaching, teaching and mentoring opportunities at some point I get asked what advice I would give to a young or aspiring minister. My response goes something like this. “To move forward in your ministry career, you must prioritize your ongoing development in four areas: spiritual, emotional, professional and relational.” I then take a few minutes to unpack some... Continue Reading

Steve Jobs 3-Point Formula For Leading Effective Meetings

Various management studies concur that most organizations and businesses chronically suffer from too many meetings and not enough time to get work done. There is just not enough time in the day to fit it all in. Harvard Review and Inc., among other publications, reported that management is increasingly buried in meetings. The reasons are numerous and complex, but the... Continue Reading

Should Specialists Or Generalists Sit At The Church Staff Leadership Table?

One of the most impactful decisions a church will make is determining who sits at the staff leadership table. In broad terms, church staff are either specialists or generalists. Specialist’s job descriptions call for them to focus on a single area of ministry. Specialist examples include age group ministries such as preschool, children and students. Generalists, on the other hand,... Continue Reading