Church Consulting: Would you like someone to come alongside you to collaboratively achieve Vision Clarity and Mission Aligned Strategies?

Then, to develop an architecture to communicate and align the organization to the plan and implement a follow through system that can transform your church?

My Experience

I have spent more than 30 years leading and managing the local church, mostly as an Executive Pastor. My most recent place of service, Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN has doubled and tripled every strategic metric in 10 years and regularly appears in Outreach Magazine’s Top 100 Largest and Top 100 Fastest Growing Churches.

The churches I have served have exhibited values driven cultures, embraced healthy change, aggressively planted churches, launched multi-sites and engaged in church and community revitalization.

Further, I have helped plan and lead stewardship campaigns that have raised in excess of $50,000,000 for Kingdom enterprises.

I am a certified Meeting Facilitator through Leadership Strategies Institute and have experience in leading church staffs of over 200 people.

I am comfortable leading facilitated strategic planning, and working collaboratively with Elders, Deacons, Personnel Teams, Finance Teams and various forms of church governance.

Common Church Consulting Benefits

I have observed every church, even effective churches, can benefit from a strategic outsider. Our consulting is designed to address the following common church problems:

√ Divisive change

√ Poor planning

√ Breakdowns in communications

√ Lack of personal and organizational alignment

√ Ambiguity about roles and responsibilities

√ Lack of clarity on mission, vision, values and direction

√ Abuse of personal and positional power

√ Inconsistent hiring practices; chronically bad hires

√ Inadequate accountability, systems and controls

√ Low morale

No Cost Consultant

My goal is that you would come to view me as a “no cost” consultant because the value you received far exceeded the investment of your valuable time and your church’s scarce resources.

Please check-out these endorsements from those ministry leaders and professionals who have used my services and know me well.

Our Approach

The aim of my consulting is not to walk in with all the answers but through questioning and listening identify the areas where more intentional structure would contribute to church health and effectiveness. Our approach is:

  • Descriptive rather than Prescriptive: We work with you to discover and vividly describe what God is calling you to be and do rather than prescribe for you a vision and strategy.
  • Diagnostic rather than Driven: Together through key questions we work with you to diagnose areas of need and discover healthy solutions without driving you to a pre-determined outcome.
  • Identification rather than Determination: We work with you to identify your unique DNA rather than determine for you an off the shelf organizational culture and structure.

Consulting generally consists of working with staff and/or lay teams in a series of facilitated conversations to identify areas of challenge and opportunity and then to build the personal and organizational structures, practices and disciplines that insure deep and lasting change.

Consulting is customized based upon the outcomes that are agreed upon. The typical outcomes leaders and churches are equipped to adopt are reflected in The Ten Sacred Structures for Healthy Ministers and Churches.

Our Most Requested Church Consulting Packages

These popular consulting packages are scaled and customized to meet the unique needs of your church.

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  1. Transition Consulting Package

  2. Organizational Power Consulting Package

  3. Finding Your PLACE Consulting Package

  4. Staff Management Consulting Package

  5. Minister Search Consulting Package

  6. Church Wide Alignment Consulting Package

  7. Vision Clarity and Strategy Discernment Consulting Package

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