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Church Staff Management Consulting Package

Beyond a Personnel Manual, few churches have an intentional process for managing the selection and performance of employees.


This consulting package puts into place a comprehensive staff performance management system that:

  • Insures good hiring practices

  • Decreases turnover

  • Increases moral

  • Provides continual self-development

  • Fairly compensates

  • Enables staff to perform to the best of their abilities

This is accomplished through a four phased implementation of the following interrelated systems:

1) Identification, Selection and Orientation System

In Phase One we implement A Five Step Recruiting and Hiring Process and A Four Step Onboarding Process. Includes a Hiring and Orientation Tool Box of questions, templates and forms.

 2) Supervision and Evaluation System

In Phase Two we implement an annual goal setting, periodic review, annual review and feedback process. Includes a three step process for addressing sub-standard performance and termination, staff values development, sample templates, surveys and questionnaires.

 3) Personal, Spiritual and Professional Self-Development System

In Phase Three we implement a multi-tiered and multi-dimensional approach to continual self-development and personal, spiritual and professional growth. Includes lesson plans, reporting templates, meeting and retreat agendas and personal development resources.

 4) Compensation and Benefits System

In Phase Four we implement a compensation and benefits program built on a system of Internal Equity, External Equity and Job Performance. Includes performance appraisals, salary grades, salary ranges and merit raise worksheets.

The Staff Management Consulting Package is offered as separate Phases as well as a comprehensive package. We will teach your representatives how to implement each system and walk with them through each phase of implementation.

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