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Minister Search Consulting Package

The hiring and onboarding of staff is a critical function and responsibility of church leadership.

Yet many church leaders don’t have the time or expertise to locate a viable pool of candidates, discern proper fit and effectively orientate new staff.

Some of the staff identification and selection services we provide include:

  • Designing a complete process for identification, selection and onboarding that you can implement yourself

  • Hiring assessment tools and training in how to implement them

  • Writing job descriptions and unique position profile narratives

  • Serving as a third party to interview and provide a written assessment of candidates you identify

  • Using our network to help you identify a pool of viable candidates

  • Onboarding and orientation coaching and best practices for your supervisory staff

Whether you need help in designing a process, assistance with just a step or two in the process or off loading the entire process, we are uniquely positioned and experienced to provide resources for each situation.

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