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Finding Your PLACE in Ministry Consulting Package

Would you be interested if I could show you a proven tool and process that will:


  1. Help your church members discover and engage in their unique Kingdom calling

  2. Clarify your church’s divine DNA and distinctive Kingdom assignments

  3. Raise the entrepreneurial and missional thermostat in your members and ministries

  4. Show members how to be on mission where they live, learn, work and play

  5. Create a data base of the passions of the people God is bringing into your church

  6. Provide a continual source of new vision, volunteers and strategies for ministry inside and outside your church

  7. Insure good staff hires and ministry fit for your volunteers

  8. Increase the teamwork and effectiveness of your staff, committees and teams


Already hundreds of churches have discovered how this amazing tool can transform lives and churches.

This “secret sauce recipe” is called PLACE, an intentional process to connect church members into their God designed ministry including self-discovery, individualized ministry coaching and tracking from workshop training to ministry placement.

What makes PLACE different and effective is the step-by-step implementation process, resources and personalized coaching.

As certified Field Representatives for PLACE Ministries we will train you to use the PLACE resources, help design the proper processes and walk with you through implementation.

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