Sacred Structures for Pastors Who Don’t Have an Executive Pastor

This mentor coach option is specifically designed for the Pastor who does not have an Executive Pastor but wants to understand how an Executive Pastor thinks, the functions of the role and how they can be implemented in the absence of such a position.

This option addresses common church leadership and management problems, such as:

  • Poorly handled change

  • Sub-standard staff performance

  • Ineffective communication

  • Bad hires

  • Lack of clarity on direction and expectations; low morale

  • Inadequate planning

  • Poor prioritization

  • Little or no delegation

  • Ineffective leader development and accountability

  • Lack of organizational alignment with mission and vision

  • Inadequate systems, measurements and controls

  • Poor decision making

  • Dysfunctional organizational and governance structures

  • Misuse of personal power and influence

  • Constant fire-fighting and crisis management

  • Contentious and ineffective church business and staff meetings

Cost: $60 an hour; also offered in annual three day coaching cohorts.

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