The Three Core Sacred Structures: MISSION, MIGHT, MOVEMENT

The Three Core Sacred Structures mentor coach option includes the One Indispensable Sacred Structure option as well as mentor coaching that focuses on:

  • Personal soul care

  • Holistic Self-development

  • Change Management

  • Sources of Real Power and Influence

This mentor coaching takes you through the steps to define success and develop a customized self-development plan around the 7 Stations of Life, where you spend your time and your life:

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Fitness

  • Job

  • Community

  • Recreation

You will learn your primary spiritual pathways and the spiritual disciplines, practices and habits that allow you to most intimately connect with God and balance the tensions of “being and doing.”

Further, you will come to understand and effectively apply the six sources of personal leadership, power and influence:

  • Spiritual

  • Servant

  • Expert

  • Authority

  • Charisma

  • Coercive

You will learn how to call upon the nine sources of organizational leadership, power and influence:

  • Prayer and Scripture

  • Mission

  • Values

  • Vision

  • Objectives

  • Goals and Strategies

  • People

  • Budget

  • Accountability and Controls

You will come to understand that personal and organizational power and influence sources are the origins of most dysfunction in the church and you will learn how to appropriately apply them for optimum personal and organizational health.

Finally, you will learn a five step approach to implementing personal change and six proven approaches to effectively introduce change into corporate church life.

Cost: $1000 (Includes the cost of books, templates and assessments)

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