Staff Training
Healthy Church Staff Teams Workshop

A fun and engaging workshop for Church Staff and Ministry Teams in which selected principles from The Ten Sacred Structures for Healthy Ministers and Churches and assessment tools such as P.L.A.C.E., Kiersey and StrengthsFinder are used to help your team come to understand how their unique hard wiring influences how they think, lead and act.

Each team member receives their unique profile and learns how they are distinct from one another. Participants learn:

  • The “killer” and “motivating” statements for themselves and their team members
  • How to leverage each person’s personality and strengths
  • How to better appreciate how to work together synergistically and assemble teams that are complimentary

The Cost

Half day workshops are $500 plus expenses; full day workshops are $900 plus expenses; multi-day workshops are $750 a day plus expenses.

Reduced rates are available for seminary student and church planter workshops. 10% of fees will be tithed back to the sponsoring church.

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