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How To Interview For Character

In our last two articles, Why You Should Consider Hiring For Character and The Most Important Character Traits In Church Hiring, we looked at the importance of character in hiring church staff as well as some of the most important character traits to consider. In this article we look at how to interview for character. My experiences and research, including more... Continue Reading

The Most Important Character Traits For Ministry Hiring

In our last post, Why You Should Consider Hiring For Character, we defined character and looked at the reasons every church should have a strategy for interviewing for character. In this article we will describe the character traits you should consider when hiring for a ministry position. Over 4,000-character traits have been identified by psychologists, social scientists and researchers. These... Continue Reading

Why You Should Consider Hiring For Character

Many important things must be assessed when interviewing potential candidates for ministry positions. The most obvious are education, skills, accomplishments, and transferable experience. In hiring for ministry positions a couple of other areas are vital as well, such as calling and chemistry. Increasingly there is agreement that character is of vital importance as well. Maybe even more so in today’s... Continue Reading