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Steps To Develop A Contemplative Dimension To Church Life

In recent posts we explored the differences between contemplative and evangelical streams of Christianity. Here are several ideas that I think every church can reflect on, and hopefully, implement — as steps the congregation can take to foster a contemplative dimension to their community life. This will not happen overnight (among other things, we have our cultural bias against silence... Continue Reading

Part II: Contemplative-Mystical Christianity Compared to Mainstream-Evangelical Christianity: A Comparison in Language, Emphasis, and Perspective

In our last post we looked at a comparison of the language, emphases and practices between Evangelical Christianity and Contemplative-Mystical Christianity. In this post we share 11 additional comparisons.  I share once again some introductory comments. A Definition Of Each Movement Mainstream Evangelicalism Definition:  A movement within Protestant Christianity maintaining that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine... Continue Reading

What is Contemplative Christianity?

Increasingly I see mature Christians exploring and engaging in the contemplative way as a means of going deeper in faith and love. What then is contemplative Christianity? ContemplativeChristians.com provides excellent explanations, definitions, and resources for those desiring to learn more about the contemplative way. Here are some excerpts from their website. The History, Practices And Goals Of Contemplative Christianity  ... Continue Reading