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The One Question Test To Identify A Micromanager Pastor

The Micromanager can be found in every organization, including and maybe especially in churches. Most every minister has a story to tell about a micromanager pastor. Why are pastors prone to becoming micromanagers? Micromanagement stems from insecurity and lack of trust, and pastors are often insecure and distrustful………and for good reason. No one is a more frequent target for criticism... Continue Reading

The Most Destructive Outcome of Micromanagement Supervision

Micromanagement supervision is a management style whereby a supervisor closely observes or controls the work of subordinates. Much has been written about how micromanagement is really mismanagement. How micromanagers disempower staff, stifle opportunity for growth and innovation, and give rise to poor performance and morale. Like cancer, there are numerous symptoms of micromanagement, most all of which are bad for the... Continue Reading