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Alignment Of Current Ministry Initiatives To Your Strategic Plan

In the post, “Organizational Alignment and Integration – Why Most Strategic Plans Fail,” we examined the ten components of aligning and integrating a strategic plan into the culture of the church. Once your strategic plan has been developed an additional task essential to execution is to assess each existing ministry initiative for alignment to your strategic plan. If a ministry... Continue Reading

Organizational Alignment and Integration – Why Most Strategic Plans Fail

Studies of various businesses and organizations reveals over 70% of strategic plans are never significantly implemented. My guess is this percentage is much higher in the local church. Why do most strategic plans never make it off the printed page to implementation? In my experience a lack of execution can frequently be traced to a failure to understand the power... Continue Reading

A Proven Approach To Innovative Strategies

Innovative strategies are often characteristic of growing and high impact companies, organizations and churches. Year in and year out these entities exceed the results of others by developing cutting edge tactics, technology, programs, products and systems. Yet, surveys show that few employees identify themselves as especially creative or innovative. How then does innovation occur? Research indicates growing organizations draw upon... Continue Reading

A Simple Planning Process

It has been said, if you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there. And, if you aim at nothing you will be sure to hit it. Scripture illustrates, beginning in Genesis, that planning is in the nature and character of God. We are designed to plan in partnership with Him. Therefore, planning is a critical... Continue Reading

Evolutionary or Revolutionary Planning?

Things stay the same unless they change. Change is required for progress and planning is essential to progress – no planning usually means no positive change. But, how do you determine what needs to be changed and how much change is required? I have always found it helpful to begin with a thorough review of existing ministries, programs, strategies, processes... Continue Reading

Developing a Communication Plan for Your Strategic Plan

The suffix “ate” is of Latin origin typically meaning “possessing the characteristics of or denoting a certain function.” A comprehensive plan for communicating your church’s Strategic Plan must possess certain characteristics and functions. Below are 30 functions and characteristics of a successful plan for communicating to the congregation the church’s Strategic Plan. Include answers to the following questions in your... Continue Reading

The STOP Approach to Planning

  There are three levels of planning and decision making required in developing a comprehensive plan: Strategic, Tactical and Operational Planning. Strategic Planning decisions are the broadest and most general, Operational Planning decisions are the most narrow and specific, and Tactical Planning decisions fall in between. Leaders can use the STOP approach as a roadmap in developing and communicating plans, and ensuring the... Continue Reading

25 Easy To Use Church Strategic Planning Exercises

Stephen Covey is noted for saying, “Without involvement, there is no commitment.” Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, and underline it. No involvement, no commitment. Those are strong words but needed admonishment for those of us who lead in the local church, for broad engagement is one of the things I see as most lacking in church strategic planning.... Continue Reading