What Will You Let Go Of In 2022?

Admittedly, most of what I have set out as goals in the past have been goals related to acquiring, achieving, and accomplishing rather than ceasing and letting go. After all, our Western culture teaches us that to grow personally and professionally we must acquire new knowledge and skills and to grow our churches and organizations we must achieve results and... Continue Reading

January Is A Great Time To Create An Annual Spiritual Growth Plan

I find it puzzling that we readily accept the importance of practice in sports, in music, in any successful business, and in any creative endeavor, but for some reason most of us do not see the importance for it in the arena of spirituality, where it is probably more important than in any other area. And, regretfully, many who have... Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Read Church Leadership Resources In 2021

The Sacred Structures Website offers over 75 free church leadership resources for pastors, ministers and lay leaders. Here are the Top 10 Most Read Church Leadership Resources In 2021. 25 Questions Every Pastor Search Committee Should Ask Shared Team Values Exercises New Ministry Proposal Template Church Safety and Security Policy Manual SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning Tool Church Staff Interview Questions... Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Read Posts In 2021

I am grateful for the many readers of my weekly blog and like to take the opportunity at the end of each year to share the most read blogs found on my website. Here are the Top 10 Most Read Posts In 2021: The Story of the Three Bricklayers What Does The Bible Really Say About Judging Others? What Does... Continue Reading

Dream Alliance – A Tale About The Value Of Listening To The Opposition

In today’s public and private discourse listening to the opposition is considered taboo, much less yielding to their position. The possibility that we could be wrong, that we lack the necessary knowledge or experience, or that we have our own set of biases is never considered. Admitting that even a parcel of the opposition’s position is truthful is portrayed as... Continue Reading

We Have To Become Better Fruit Inspectors

In today’s world selecting and following leaders of companies, churches, organizations and governments based upon their positions on policy and social issues and the results they achieve is the norm. Calling into question their words and behaviors is rarely a standard of measuring whether or not to follow or elect someone. Holy Scripture tells us that “We shall know them... Continue Reading

When Protecting The Church Goes Awry

My generation of church leaders were taught that a key part of our responsibility is protecting the church as an institution, specifically its’ reputation, ability to fulfill its’ mission, and its’ financial viability. If that means sweeping things under the rug, turning a blind’s eye, being less than open, or prioritizing the good of the whole over the good of... Continue Reading

What Does A Pastor Accountability And Support Team Look Like?

In our last two posts we have examined the challenges with pastor accountability and evaluation and provided a process to consider. In this post we will look at how a Pastor Accountability and Support Team might be structured. Ways A Church Might Provide Support To Their Pastor Most churches honestly want to provide their Senior Pastor with the support, encouragement,... Continue Reading

Senior Pastor Evaluation And Accountability Template

In our last article, The Conundrum of Pastor Accountability and Evaluation, we talked of the challenges in effectively and fairly evaluating and holding the Senior Pastor accountable, and provided several potential options for consideration. Another challenge that churches face in pastor accountability and evaluation is that the typical church staff evaluation form is not as applicable to the pastor. In... Continue Reading

The Conundrum Of Pastor Accountability And Evaluation

As a general practice I am all for accountability, assuming it is healthy accountability. Therein as they say is “the rub” when it comes to pastor accountability. In a church world that has become decidedly pastor-led, effective pastor accountability and evaluation is more elusive than ever. Personal experience and vast studies by Gallup make it clear that in most organizations... Continue Reading