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How To Increase Your Network

In our last article, “Why Your Network Is Your Networth” we showed why knowing how to network strategically is an incredibly powerful career and relational tool. In this article we will share some proven ways to improve your networking skills.

I am a true believer of how when we let go and let God then the right people “happen to us.” But I also have found that when I put intentional thought and conscious choice into relationships that God uses those connections in powerful ways as well. Here are some strategies I have found helpful.

Tips For Becoming A Better Networker

As you begin to think about growing your network it is important to remember that your potential network is much wider than you probably think. The theory that we are only six people apart from anyone in the world sounds far-fetched, but it does point to how a few critical relationships can significantly enlarge your number of connections.

Also, remember that there is no wrong time to invest in your network. The most effective way to enhance your networking skills is by putting yourself out there and giving it a shot. If you do you will soon realize that networking opportunities are all around you every day, usually in the form of our most basic day to day activities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Your Network Exists Outside Of Your Profession To. Don’t forget that your extended network goes far beyond your current work or profession. In other words, when you think about networking, think about all of your current and potential relationships.
  2. Ask Meaningful Questions And Listen. Asking good questions and listening intently makes you more interesting and more memorable to those you are trying to connect with.
  3. Reach Out Regularly To Everyone In Your Network. Simply checking in on people from your past to thank them or to see how they are doing keeps your relationship fresh and alive.
  4. Ask For Help. Often the most effective way to endear yourself to someone is to ask them for their help or their advice. Be sure to ask if there are ways you can help them as well.
  5. Offer Something Of Value With No Expectation Of Anything In Return. One of the best activities for relationship and trust building is to do something thoughtful or meaningful for someone with no thought of receiving anything in return.
  6. Connect Someone With Someone Else. Introducing someone to another person in your network who can add value to them is one of the most effective ways to make memorable connections.
  7. Attend Professional Events. Participating regularly in industry specific courses, seminars, conferences and workshops is a proven networking tool. At every event, try to invest in making one or two key contacts rather than spreading yourself out and attempting to speak to everyone.
  8. Share Your Knowledge. Sharing your knowledge through blogs, podcasts, and teaching opportunities are proven ways to open up a broad array of new relationships.

Consistently apply these ideas and not only will the number of your relational connections increase, so will the impact of those connections.




Posted on October 4, 2022

Jim Baker

Jim is a Church Organizational Leadership and Management Coach, Consultant and Trainer. Throughout his career Jim has demonstrated a passion for showing Pastors and Ministers how to use organizational tools for church and personal growth and health.

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