2017 Top 10 Posts Part 2

Below are the second five of the Top 10 Sacred Structures posts for 2017. Enjoy! Don’t Mistake Church Climate for Church Culture Church Culture As Community, Cause, And Corporation 25 Questions Every Pastor Search Committee Should Ask A Self-Development Structure In Hebrew Scripture 15 Approaches To Reach The Next Generations

2017 Top Ten Posts Part 1

Below are links to the first five of the Top 10 most popular Sacred Structures posts for 2017. Check in next week for the second five. Enjoy! ME Power and WE Power: Two Sources of Power in the Church My Greatest Leadership Lesson: I Am The Problem Your Inner Spiritual Life How To Respond To Everyone’s Saying  Transform Your Church... Continue Reading

Spiritual and Organizational Church Leadership Health Assessment

Understandably, the minister’s education and training focuses for the most part on developing biblical knowledge and spiritual leadership skills and attributes. Yet, within weeks, if not days, of arriving at their first job in the local church the minister learns they need another set of leadership skills and attributes……those of an organizational leader. In Acts 6 we see this need... Continue Reading

Welcome To My New Blog!

  Well, after much peer encouragement, a tad of harassment and no small degree of procrastination I am joining the blog world. Though this is my personal blog I will be drawing on my 37 years of serving on a church staff to engage with those of you who love the local church and want to see it be everything... Continue Reading