Top 10 Posts And Resources In 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Posts In 2022 10 Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries For Church Leaders How To Set Boundaries With Harmful People Radical Soul Care For Church Leaders January Is A Great Time To Create An Annual Spiritual Growth Plan Could Code Switching Be Why People Aren’t Returning To Your Church? How To Deal With A Control Freak Boss... Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Read Church Leadership Resources In 2021

The Sacred Structures Website offers over 75 free church leadership resources for pastors, ministers and lay leaders. Here are the Top 10 Most Read Church Leadership Resources In 2021. 25 Questions Every Pastor Search Committee Should Ask Shared Team Values Exercises New Ministry Proposal Template Church Safety and Security Policy Manual SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning Tool Church Staff Interview Questions... Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Read Posts In 2021

I am grateful for the many readers of my weekly blog and like to take the opportunity at the end of each year to share the most read blogs found on my website. Here are the Top 10 Most Read Posts In 2021: The Story of the Three Bricklayers What Does The Bible Really Say About Judging Others? What Does... Continue Reading

Authoritarianism and Egalitarianism In Church Leadership

After decades of observation I can say with some assurance that churches in America tend to lean toward either authoritarian or egalitarian philosophies in their polity and leadership structures. And, that an increasing number of Protestant churches have made a conscious and determined choice to embrace patriarchal authoritarianism. Further, most see patriarchal hierarchy as divinely ordained and planned by an... Continue Reading

Top 10 Most Popular Posts From 2020

Below are links to the Top 10 most popular Sacred Structures blog posts in 2020. Happy New Year! Two Key Ingredients In Leading Church Change The Story Behind The Jesus Prayer The Spiritual Practice Of Prompted Prayers How To Disagree Without Being Disagreeable The One Question Test To Identify A Micromanager Pastor How Do You Discern God’s Will? Understanding The... Continue Reading

The Welcoming Prayer As A Spiritual Practice For The COVID-19 Crisis

These are indeed extraordinary times we are living through. The COVID-19 Crisis and the constant media coverage has created an air of anxiety we all are breathing. And, our bodies are carrying this stress and palpable sense of dread whether we realize it or not. The Welcoming Prayer is a contemplative practice that can help sustain you through these uncertain... Continue Reading

Everybody Needs a Caregiver

Not surprisingly, when Gallup polled Americans and asked them to think about the best teacher they ever had, the most common word they used to describe them was “caring.” What students need at their core is caring. As a wise teacher once said, “at the end of the day, they won’t remember all we taught them, but they will remember... Continue Reading

Top 10 Free Resources In 2019

Below are links to the Top 10 Free Resources in 2019. To view all 75 Sacred Structures Free Resources click HERE. Happy New Year! Church Or Ministry SWOT Analysis Worksheet  New Ministry Proposal Template  Measure What Matters – 100 Meaningful Church Metrics  Ministerial Staff Annual Evaluation Template  Administrative Staff Annual Evaluation Template  Church Staff Annual Goal Template  25 Questions Every... Continue Reading

Top 10 Posts In 2019

Below are links to the Top 10 most popular Sacred Structures posts in 2019. Check in next week for the Top 10 Free Resources in 2019. Merry Christmas!  Can You Recognize Narcissism When You See It?  How Can Church Leaders Remain Accountable?  Church Leader, Your Congregation Expects You To Make These Decisions  Focus On The Future: How To Foster Staff... Continue Reading

What Does The Bible Say About Oneness?

In the article, What Is Oneness With God? , we explored the historical Christian meaning of the term oneness with God. In this article we explore further what Scripture says about oneness. Jesus expressed oneness in his prayer “That all may be one as you, Father, are in me and I am in you” (John 17:21). When Jesus talks about... Continue Reading