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Church Vision Clarity and Strategy Discernment Consulting Package

Most churches fail to plan consistently and those that do, fail to plan strategically throughout all levels of the organization in a way that involves the larger body as well as leadership teams and staff. The tendency is to depend upon the pastor and staff to develop and implement church vision and strategy.

Sacred Structures will work with your church to develop a top down and bottom up Church Wide Ministry Plan that will unite, energize and transform your church by involving the entire body.

Even more importantly, we will help you put into place the people, systems and accountabilities that insures that your plan doesn’t just sit on your web site but is actually implemented, stays on track and is continually updated as new opportunities arise.


  • Strategies for Growth

  • Stakeholder Buy-In

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Prioritization

  • Focus

  • Synergy

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

This is accomplished through using the PARTS Strategic Planning Process. Rooted in the body metaphor found in I Corinthians 12:18-19, the PARTS Strategic Planning Process includes:

The Five Steps of Church Strategic Planning

  1. Place: Where are we now? Who has God brought into our church?

  2. Ascertain: Where does God want us to be? Where is God working now?

  3. Respond: How do we plan to get there? How do we join God where He is working?

  4. Target: What are our priorities? What has God been saying to our church that we must carefully obey?

  5. Safeguards: How will we measure and monitor our progress? What adjustments are required to fulfill God’s purposes?

Four Decisions of Church Strategic Planning

  1. Maximization or Innovation

  2. Strategic

  3. Tactical

  4. Operational

Nine Movements of Corporate Spiritual Discernment and Planning

  1. Framing

  2. Grounding

  3. Shedding

  4. Rooting

  5. Listening

  6. Improving

  7. Weighing

  8. Affirming

  9. Resting

The Church Vision Clarity and Strategy Discernment Package includes the development of a three to five year Strategic Ministry Plan that is augmented with an annual planning process for Ministry Teams and Staff.

These processes will set the overall vision for the church, clarify 5-7 priority objectives, identify key strategies to achieve the vision and establish the critical goals and measures to monitor progress.

Our strategic planning services are offered in three formats of increasing engagement and are designed to accommodate a variety of budgets:

1. Custom Design and Do It Yourself: We will work with your representatives in a day long equipping session to design a customized process and show you and your leadership how to implement each step of the process of developing your church’s unique Strategic Ministry Plan.

2. Custom Design and Coaching: We will work with your representatives to design a process unique to your church and then serve as a long distance coach to walk with you and coach you through each step of communication, documentation and implementation of the process.

3. Custom Design, Coaching and Facilitation: Same as above but in addition we will provide on site facilitation of the necessary strategic planning meetings with staff, lay leadership teams and focus groups. We will then work with your staff and lay teams to set goals, build reporting structures and align budgets and staffing models to the Strategic Ministry Plan.

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