30 Sure-Fire Exercises For Church Strategic Planning

Stephen Covey is noted for saying, “Without involvement, there is no commitment.” Mark it down, asterisk it, circle it, and underline it. No involvement, no commitment.

Those are strong words but needed admonishment for those of us who lead in the local church, for broad engagement is one of the things I see as most lacking in church strategic planning.

Today there are many definitions for strategic planning but for the purpose of church based planning the definition I prefer is:

“The process of determining the visionary direction of the church or ministry and then breaking down that overall direction into broad objectives, that are then divided into smaller measurable goals and ultimately to specific tactics.”

And, just as there are many definitions for strategic planning there are a variety of proven approaches to strategic planning. And it can be challenging to discern which approach is right for your church or ministry.

Our purpose here is not to recommend a specific approach. But rather to summarize a variety of strategic planning engagement exercises that may be used by church leadership to stimulate thinking and to identify high impact strategies and tactics for inclusion in the church’s ministry plan.

You may want to choose only those exercises you feel comfortable in facilitating, or you sense will resonate with your leaders and fit your church culture.

More important than the engagement exercises you choose is that they are entered into with an attitude of prayer and seeking the guidance and will of God for your church.

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