Start, Stop, Continue Decision Making Worksheet

Start, Stop, Continue is a simple yet catalytic team building, feedback, and decision making exercise with a variety of applications that every church leader should have in their facilitation toolkit. Use this template to ask the following:

START: What should I/We start doing?

  • Things that are not being done, but should be done
  • Things that are new and worth trying or experimenting with
  • Things we should do to be more effective and efficient
  • Things that help address new realities or gaps

STOP: What should I/We stop doing?

  • Things that are not working or contributing to desired results
  • Things that are impeding progress, counterproductive, or are no longer practical
  • Things that are no longer cost effective
  • Things we or others dislike

CONTINUE: What should I/We continue doing?

  • Things that are working well
  • Things that show potential but need improving
  • Things that we like or want to keep
  • Pieces of processes or programs that we want to stop, but others we want to continue to avoid “throwing the baby out with the bath water”
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