The Three Irreducible Organizational Roles Of An Executive Pastor

The generalist nature of the responsibilities of the Executive Pastor results in a myriad of items that demand attention. With the broad range of actions and initiatives that you could be doing, how do you determine those that you should be doing?

For most of us “less is more.” Focusing on no more than three roles and their corresponding responsibilities and functions can provide focus and offer a template for discerning your “Must Do’s” from the many “Should Do’s” and “Nice to Do’s” that come across your desk.

You may find it helpful to think of the roles of the Executive Pastor as that of an Executive and that of a Pastor. As an Executive he serves in an organizational leadership capacity and as a Pastor he serves in a spiritual leadership capacity. The following three broad roles of Leader, Manager, and Supervisor are reflective of the roles the Executive Pastor must function in as an effective organizational leader.

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