Medium: Mesquite Wood Cross, 1800’s English Bible, 1st Century Roman Iron Crucifixion Spike, Ancient Roman Iron Arrow Heads; 30 Reproduction Silver Shekel Coins, waxed linen thread, Nepalese Paper, Ethiopian Coptic Stitching

Artist Statement: This mesquite wood cross structure is inspired by the story of Jesus’ treacherous betrayal by his disciple, Judas, and his subsequent capture and crucifixion by Roman Soldiers. The 30 silver Judean shekel coins are replicas of those Judas received from the Chief Priests to betray Jesus (Matthew 26: 14-16). The iron spike and iron arrow heads are from 1st Century Rome and are indistinguishable from those used by Roman Soldiers to capture, arrest, and then nail Jesus to a cross. One of life’s great decisions is how we will respond when we are betrayed. Instead of returning evil for evil, Jesus responded to Judas’ betrayal with non-violence, kindness, love, forgiveness, and ultimately, his life.


20H X 11W X 10D

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