Holy Symbol

Medium: Gilded Wood Tudor Style Gothic Cross, 1800’s Welsh Celtic Bible, Nepalese Paper, Waxed Linen Thread, Ethiopian Coptic Stitching

Artist Statement: To early Christians it is clear that the cross symbolized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His sufferings and subsequent death and resurrection. Over the centuries the cross has become the most important Christian holy symbol. The cross first appeared in Christian art on a Vatican sarcophagus (A wood, clay or metal coffin) around 450 AD, and today can be found in Christian cathedrals and churches worldwide.

This gold gilded Tudor Style Gothic Cross mounted atop an altered Welsh Bible is patterned after the art and architecture crosses developed during the reign of the British Tudor monarchs between 1485 and 1558. This particular cross once was given honor and prominence as it adorned the alter area of an English Church.

15H X 12W X 3D


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