Sacred Space

Medium: Antique Bible Covers Mounted on Wood, Rusted Tin Church Façade, 19th Century German Bible, Ancient Roman Nails, Nepalese Paper, Waxed Linen Thread; Ethiopian Coptic Stitching

Artist Statement: A sacred space is any space or area that has been dedicated to a sacred or holy purpose. An emphasis on sacred space is found in all of the world’s major religions. All religions have places set aside as holy, which they use for worship, prayer, meditation, and rituals. In this sacred art structure, many different antique Bible covers have been cut into strips and used as a background. The rusted metal façade set behind the altered Bible came from a torn down country church in Tennessee. This piece represents that churches of all faiths can become sacred spaces where one can encounter and connect with God, His Word, and His followers.


24H X 18W X 4D


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