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Mission and Vision Begins At Home 

For many of the years I served as Executive Pastor at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN we were in some type of building program. This meant I spent countless hours in the City Manager’s Office preparing for various presentations before the Zoning Commission, City Planning Commission, and City Council. During one such meeting the City Manager interrupted our conversation... Continue Reading

A Flawed Map Is Better Than No Map

I am often asked to recount the history of the remarkable growth of Brentwood Baptist Church while I served as Executive Pastor. Inevitably I find myself describing a clear unfolding of a strategic plan moving seamlessly through various phases. When in reality we often had no clearly defined plan and our path was at times tortuous as we discovered right... Continue Reading

The Question Church Leaders Must Answer

A common question church members and staff ask of church leaders is “Where are we going?” The same is true in any company or business, stakeholders want to know where the organization is going. Churches that are crystal clear on their unique and God inspired direction, and have members, staff and ministries moving together in that direction are consistently healthier... Continue Reading