Manpower: People are selected and placed in positions that fit their gifts, passions and callings and that align with the church’s objectives and culture

10 Ways To Build Trust In Your Leadership

Trust is the most significant predictor of individuals’ satisfaction with their organizations—Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner If you desire to be successful as a church leader, trust is an integral component. Your influence will be determined by the level of trust you can attain, and is foundational to church health. Therefore, trust development should be one of your primary goals.... Continue Reading

Trust In The Local Church

I have found that by trusting people until they prove themselves unworthy of that trust, a lot more good things happen–Jim Burke, Former Chairman and CEO of Johnson and Johnson When it comes to trust of church leaders, I have observed there are two types of people I have served with. Those who expect you to earn their trust before... Continue Reading

10 Defining Characteristics of Generation Z

From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders…..all these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take. 1 Chronicles 12:32 NLT There is a new generation on the scene making up 25% of the US population that represents nothing less than a seismic cultural shift.  Born between 1993 and 2012, Generation... Continue Reading

40 Questions Every Pastor Search Committee Should Be Prepared to Answer

Pastor Search Committees spend copious amounts of time in prayer, reviewing, and vetting of candidates as they seek who God is calling as their next Pastor. Often though, committees fail to realize that candidates will be interviewing them as well, and little or no time is spent collectively preparing to address the type of questions candidates may ask of the... Continue Reading

25 Questions Every Pastor Search Committee Should Ask

Your Pastor Search Committee has spent countless hours praying, seeking and researching candidates and the time has come to begin the actual interview process. Though there is no silver bullet list of questions that will guarantee a Pastor Search Committee will correctly discern God’s chosen servant, being prepared is the first step in selecting the right questions to ask. Below... Continue Reading

10 Buckets For Powerful Staff Performance Conversations

Gallup studies on employee engagement show that regular performance conversations dramatically improves employee productivity, moral, job satisfaction and tenure. Therefore, designing regular and effective performance conversations is an important responsibility of effective staff supervision. Consider questions in these 10 conversation buckets to improve the effectiveness of your regular one-on-one performance conversations. Starter Questions for Performance Conversations #1. Cultivate the Soul:... Continue Reading

Performance Management Beyond The Annual Review

Performance management, when limited to annual reviews, is frequently a source of great frustration for supervisors and their reports. Annual reviews may feel forced and superficial. Yet, when performance management is done in a comprehensive manner, employees become more productive and annual reviews less stressful. Through extensive research, the Gallup Organization found that supervisors account for at least 70% of employee... Continue Reading

20 Employee Engagement Questions

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of effective employee engagement is receiving meaningful feedback. In my experience, the best way to successfully do so is through simply asking questions. Asking questions, either individually or in a group setting, communicates to the employee that their opinion matters and that those in leadership genuinely respect and care about what they have... Continue Reading

40 Easy To Use Employee Recognition Ideas

In How Great Supervisors Use Employee Recognition To Improve Performance, we looked at how supervisors who provide frequent and meaningful recognition and praise inspire employees to higher performance, engagement and loyalty. Below are 40 ideas for recognizing those you supervise. Learning your employee’s recognition preferences will help you determine which will work for you and which will not. But, don’t... Continue Reading

How Great Supervisors Use Employee Recognition To Improve Performance

In the groundbreaking bestseller, The Carrot Principle, Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton show definitively how supervisors who provide frequent and effective recognition inspire employees to excel. In a similar study found in How Full Is Your Bucket?, Tom Rath and Donald Clifton demonstrate that employees who receive regular meaningful recognition and praise: Increase their productivity Increase engagement with their colleagues... Continue Reading

Using Mentor-Coaching In Behavior Conversations

In Mentor-Coaching In A Supervisory Relationship we shared how a supervisor that incorporates both mentoring and coaching can more effectively support, develop and improve the performance of their direct reports.  A Mentor-Coaching approach is particularly effective in helping the supervisee gain insight and self-awareness into demonstrated behaviors, both positive and negative. Mentor-Coaching Tips For Reinforcing Positive Behavior Step 1: From... Continue Reading

Powerful Coaching Questions For A Staff Supervisor

The leader of the past was a person who told, the leader of the future will be a person who asks—Peter Drucker In Mentor-Coaching in a Supervisory Relationship we saw that coaching is where the expertise lies within the person being coached, and the role of the coach is to help the coachee, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, discover... Continue Reading