Maximization: The church and its ministers and ministries operate at optimal levels of effectiveness and efficiency

Maximizing Missions Mobilization

The mobilization of members in an Acts 1:8 model of local, national, and international missions engagement is a goal of most churches. Yet, many churches fail to maximize member mobilization because of a limited strategy. Broad based participation in hands on mission experiences requires providing options that appeal to a variety of demographics, passions, and abilities and offer a range... Continue Reading

Big Rocks – A Powerful Prioritization Parable

Jesus illustrated the power of a parable in communicating complex truths in simple terms. A parable is nothing more than a short allegorical story that demonstrates a truth or lesson in a manner that enhances understanding and comprehension. Steven Covey in his classic book, First Things First, shares a parable on prioritization that spawned the widely used term “big rocks.”... Continue Reading

Powerful Prioritization Metaphors

A metaphor is a term, phrase, or imagery used to represent something else. It may help provide clarity and understanding to a concept, word, or term. A metaphor is simply understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another. Aristotle said in his work, The Rhetoric, that metaphors make learning pleasant. Jesus masterfully applies metaphors when he refers... Continue Reading

8 M Put Resources of Church and Ministry Growth

Many churches and ministries struggle because they fail to fully understand the implications of inputs and outputs. Simply, outputs are the results produced by the church or ministry. Inputs are the resources the church or ministry uses to produce those results. The responsibility of the church staff is to use the church’s resources (inputs), for maximum productivity (outputs) toward accomplishing... Continue Reading

Organizational Alignment and Integration – Why Most Strategic Plans Fail

Studies of various businesses and organizations reveals over 70% of strategic plans are never significantly implemented. My guess is this percentage is much higher in the local church. Why do most strategic plans never make it off the printed page to implementation? In my experience a lack of execution can frequently be traced to a failure to understand the power... Continue Reading

Seven Basis for Good Decision Making

Ministers are regularly required to make difficult and far reaching decisions. Having a grasp of the various basis for decision making helps ministers make wiser decisions. There are seven basis for good decision making: Instinct, Discernment, Facts, Logic, Policies, Experience and Opinion. #1. Instinct The first basis is using your instinct, or intuition. Often this is the first solution that... Continue Reading

Two Questions That Should Be Addressed in Decision Making

In the “5 W’s and 1 H Method for Decision Making” we examined a process for thoroughly analyzing any decision. Another relatively quick and simple approach for producing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis for decision making is to address the two questions that should be answered before making any decision, What Is? and What If? Both questions are helpful in... Continue Reading

The Time Crunch Process – Four Steps To Cope With Overload

Every church I visit, it seems that ministers keep getting busier. The work backs up, quality goes down and stress increases. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. When faced with an overload situation people try to cope in a variety of ways, some that are healthy and some that are not. Causes of the Time Crunch Problem Because... Continue Reading

Six Exercises To Determine Your Priorities

The key to time management is priority management. Focusing on a few priorities allows you to experience the counterintuitive biblical principle of “less is more.” Not only does focusing on less allow you to experience less stress and more joy and meaning in your work and life, but you are more productive because “focus expands.” The more time you spend... Continue Reading

Job Prioritization Stair Step

A church leader’s job today is a lot like gardening. There is always something else that needs to be done. Typically the first solution we see is to work longer hours and require others to work longer hours. This goes on until higher turnover and burnout results. The second solution for the enterprising leader is to read time management books... Continue Reading

When Ministry Pruning You Better Wear Gloves

After moving to Northern New Mexico and discovering several fruit trees and rose bushes in my back yard, I am still learning to appreciate the necessity and skill of pruning. I easily cut off the dead and dying branches but it feels counterintuitive and I often lack the courage to cut back live limbs. I am still learning to trust... Continue Reading

20 Questions To Discern Good From Best

“Good is the enemy of great” is the first sentence of Jim Collins’ business best seller, Good to Great. Collins goes on to say, “and that is one of the reasons that we have so little that becomes great.  We don’t have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don’t have great government, principally because we have good... Continue Reading