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Transform Church Culture Through A Keystone Habit

In architecture, a “keystone” is the centermost stone in an arch that supports all of the other stones, yet carries the least amount of weight. In Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, he introduces the idea of a keystone habit, a habit that helps hold other good habits in place. We all have habits in our lives, but certain... Continue Reading

Don’t Mistake Church Climate for Church Culture

Frequently, a pastor or minister experiences frustration, resistance or lack of acceptance of their change initiatives. Often this results from a failure to recognize the difference between church climate and church culture. Both climate and culture reflect environmental conditions but the climate of the church, like the weather, is dynamic, inconsistent and can change quickly. Church culture, on the other hand, is steadfast,... Continue Reading

Ten Steps for Building Church Cultural Values

There is no silver bullet for building a church culture, but culture savvy church leaders recognize culture shaping requires an intentional process. Church culture is complex, but in its simplest form consists of a set of underlying cultural values. Viewing church culture building through the lens of cultural values can be a helpful approach. What might the intentional building of... Continue Reading

Church Culture as Community, Cause and Corporation

Over twenty years ago Jim Dethmer wrote an article that I continue to see play out in churches today. He described the church as having three primary dimensions: Community, Cause and Corporation. Each dimension is found in Scripture and represents how a body of believers is to function. Often the identity and culture of a church can be defined by the emphasis... Continue Reading

A Simple Formula for Inculcating a Message Into Church Culture

“Inculcate” is defined as instilling an idea, attitude, habit or value into a culture or organization through persistent instruction. Therefore, if you want to weave a message of importance into the fabric of your church culture you must be intentional in words and actions. There is no silver bullet for imbedding a message into a church culture, but rather requires... Continue Reading

How to Shape Church Culture Like Jesus Did

  Shaping church culture is one of the most demanding, illusive and yet vital responsibilities of church leaders. A healthy church culture is essential to being the missional, multiplying, discipling, reaching and transforming force that God intended. Having an intentional process for elevating core organizational and biblical values is one proven approach to building a healthy church culture. What Are... Continue Reading