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A Spiritual Discernment Approach To Personal Decision Making

Most of us don’t have a pre-determined process in how to discern the will of God for our lives when considering a significant or potentially life altering decision. We pray and search Scripture, seek Godly counsel and hope for the best. That’s not necessarily a bad approach and admittedly, decision making and discernment of God’s will may vary from person... Continue Reading

7 Free Resources for Ministry Decision Making

Ministers are regularly required to make difficult and far reaching decisions. In fact, developing the ability to make wise decisions is foundational to effective church leadership. And, having a grasp of the various basis for decision making helps ministers make wiser decisions. Understanding the various tools for decision making found in these free resources will help you make better decisions. The... Continue Reading

Church Leader, Your Congregation Expects You To Make These Decisions

In Acts 6, the Twelve Disciples faced a difficult decision, whether or not to get personally engaged in the food distribution dispute between the Greek and Hebrew widows of the Church of Jerusalem. They faced a classic leadership decision, whether or not to put the good of the whole before the good of a few. Ultimately, they determined to assign... Continue Reading

A Four Step Problem Solving and Decision Making Structure

When facing challenging problems and important decisions it is critical that church leaders examine all of their options carefully. An effective approach divides the process into four steps: Define the Problem Develop Potential Courses of Action Predict Outcomes Make the Decision This is a useful structure because it helps church leaders establish a balanced and informed picture of the risks... Continue Reading

Seven Basis for Good Decision Making

Ministers are regularly required to make difficult and far reaching decisions. Having a grasp of the various basis for decision making helps ministers make wiser decisions. There are seven basis for good decision making: Instinct, Discernment, Facts, Logic, Policies, Experience and Opinion. #1. Instinct The first basis is using your instinct, or intuition. Often this is the first solution that... Continue Reading

Two Questions That Should Be Addressed in Decision Making

In the “5 W’s and 1 H Method for Decision Making” we examined a process for thoroughly analyzing any decision. Another relatively quick and simple approach for producing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis for decision making is to address the two questions that should be answered before making any decision, What Is? and What If? Both questions are helpful in... Continue Reading

Answers in Search of Problems Leadership

Every church leader, lay or volunteer, is full of experiences, information and skills accumulated over a lifetime in ministry and/or business. We use our storehouse of experiences, information and skills to solve problems and make decisions. The net result is that we each have developed a set of “answers” to the various problems we have encountered over our lifetime. And,... Continue Reading

The Many Advisors Approach To Decision Making

Suppose I wake up one morning with a crick in my neck that won’t go away. I go to my family physician and he prescribes for me pain pills to alleviate my pain. But, the next day I wake up with my crick worse than the day before so I go to my chiropractor who gives me an adjustment and... Continue Reading